Add to the thanks

The goal of this site is to thank Dan and Cherrie for the incredible work and countless hours they poured into Front-End over the past number of years. Our hope is that many of you add to the thank you messages, photos, and pass the site around using #frontendthanks in your tweets, instagrams, etc.

The site has been built in Jekyll and hosted via GitHub Pages, this makes it easy for you to quickly add to the site. Note This will create a pull-request that will be sent to us for approval. If you really don’t want to use GitHub to make this happen, create an issue and I’ll add the message/photo for you. Message me on twitter if you have questions @michigangraham

Crazy thanks to Ben Callahan, Chris Coyier, Anthony Garand and all of you who submitted thanks for helping make this site happen!

Adding Thank You Messages

Inside the _thanks folder you’ll find a listing of markdown (.md) files, your job is to add to those. Start with the date your adding it then your name

Copy and pase the template bellow here: Add Page

layout: thanks
title: Fonts, shapes and colors
name: Matt Graham
twitter: michigangraham
years: 2013, 2012

Your message goes here in markdown format.

# Heading one
## Heading two
### Heading three


Adding Photos

Real similiar for the photos; inside the _photos folder you’ll find a listing of markdown (.md) files. The photos are not necessarly hosted here, they can be via instagram, your website, dribbble, etc. You just let us know the details in the markdown file and we’ll display the image with the correct photo credit.

Copy and pase the template bellow here: Add Photo

photo_url: ""
photographer: Dan Denney
twitter: dandenney
year: 2013